School Policies

a) Discipline
In case of reported misconduct, the student will be wained and counseled by the principal or vice principal. In case of repeated misconduct, the student will be issued a disciplinary slip and the matter will be brought to the notice of the parens on the receipt of these disciplinary slips, the students will be suspended for a period of time.

(b )Punctuality
Children must be in school by 8.45 am. Those who come late must get prior permission from the school or go back home.

Please do not come to pick up your child while the school is in session because this will disrupt their routine. It is equally important of course, to pick up your child on time.

(c) Attendance :
Attendance on re-opening days after the terminal and annual holidays is compulsory. No pupil shall absent himself / herself without obtaining prior sanction of leave from the class teacher except in the cases of unforen circumstances. In such cases, the application for leave shall be sent to the class teacher on the first day of their presence.

Application for leave of absence shall be made on behalf of pupil by his / her parent or guardian and addressed to the teacher if it is not exceeding two days and to the principal if it is a longer period.

Pupils applying for sick leave should produce a medical certificate.

Every pupil shall attend the school for not less than 85% of the working days in a school year. Any branch of this rule may disqualify a pupil from being promoted to the higher classes or being sent to public examination.

The school lays rigid emphasis on “Uniform Formalities”. Students are expected to respect the school uniform and are expected to come wearing the proper uniforms on all working days. All students have to wear Identity Card.